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Thank you to all the members who submitted a list of their three favorite roses in our 3rd annual favorite rose survey.

Top Ten

Rose Variety        Type     Color    Year of Introduction    ARS Rating*:

1 Gemini               Hybrid Tea     Pink blend        1999       8.3
2 Mister Lincoln     Hybrid Tea     Dark red           1965       8.3
3 Betty Boop         Floribunda     Red blend         1999       8.0
4 Hot Cocoa          Floribunda     Russet             2001      7.9
5 Secret                Hybrid Tea     Pink blend       1992       7.9
6 Brandy               Hybrid Tea     Apricot blend    1981      7.5
7 Fourth of July     Climber          Red blend        1999      8.2
8 St. Patrick         Hybrid Tea      Yellow blend    1999      8.0
9 Color Magic        Hybrid Tea      Pink blend       1977      7.8
10 Lady of the Dawn Floribunda    Light pink        1984      8.4

          *ARS Rating based on National Roses in Review scoring 8.3-8.7 – A very good to excellent rose, one recommended without hesitation 7.8-8.2 – A solid to very good rose, whose good features easily outweigh any problems 7.3-7.7 – A good rose, somewhat above average